Unique Biswap NFT | Are you into NFT’s ???

Unique Biswap NFT | Are you into NFT’s ???
In today’s video, I’ll go over NFT’s on Binance chain that we can stake and earn BSW, USDT, WBNB tokens or either mint them for profit.

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Limited Biswap Robbies Earn NFT Collection
Meet Biswap Robbies Earn!
For this part of the collection are created 2 811 unique Biswap NFTs with Robi! Each Robi is randomly generated with exclusive characteristics which reflect its bright vibe and level! Look for them at NFT Launchpad for the initial sale.

Wonderful story of Biswap Robbies Earn:
You will be definitely pleased to discover imaginative Robi’s specificities level by level. Besides, every level tells you a story of rising. Intrigued? Let’s raise the curtain a little bit:

The 1st level Robi NFTs are on a light grey background. They are like a blank canvas which you can paint with colors of a bright variety of lucrative levels! Besides, this Robi has a distinguishing style and looks at you through different colored eyes.
The 2nd level Robi NFTs are on the green background. Just like the ground in the spring. Because every journey to the heights starts from the ground.
The 3rd level Robi NFTs are on the blue background. These sky Robbies are already rather high! This Robi, in addition to stylish clothes and colorful eyes, meets you with different hats. Besides, there are different fancy elements in the background.
The 4th level Robi NFTs are on the violet background. These cosmic Robbies have already reached space heights. Also, these NFTs combine various elements which are randomly generated from other NFTs.
The 5th level Robi NFTs are on the yellow background. These stellar Robbies keep reaching new positions. These NFTs keep combining various ingredients to emphasize their uniqueness.
The 6th level Robi NFTs are on the flaming red background. Because these Robbies have energy comparable to a Supernova explosion. They also contain unique elements of other NFTs. This will help preserve your individuality as an owner of NFTs and highlight the exclusivity of your NFTs.
Visual Attributed of Biswap NFT Robbies
As you already know, each Robi level has its individual story of evolvement. But what about design? Let’s take a closer look at the visual attributes the Robbie NFTs consist of on a particular level:

1st level includes Colibri bird, clothes, eye color, background color.

2nd level includes Colibri bird, clothes, eye color, background color are made out of and a new element on the Robi’s head.

3rd-6th levels include Colibri bird, clothes, eye color, background color, element on the Robi’s head, and new element on the background.

So, each NFT is generated randomly which makes all of them special!

In other words, the levels are vivid and exciting, and what they look like you should better discover by yourself.

So, Biswap Robbies Earn Collection offers you a limited number, different levels, and best of all — the opportunity to earn different tokens!

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As always, thank you so much for watching, and if there is anything you would like for me to do a video on just comment on the topic below!

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