The CROal Mines | Earn 1.5% CRO Daily With Reinvest 5% Bonus | Monthly Team Airdrops

The CROal Mines | Earn 1.5% CRO Daily With Reinvest 5% Bonus | Monthly Team Airdrops

The CROal Mines | Earn 1.5% CRO Daily With Reinvest 5% Bonus | Monthly Team Airdrops
In today’s video, I will be starting my own team on Cronos network with The Croal Mines, which is My Diamond Team V2 fork.
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The CROal Mines CRO Bank Roll Project is a decentralized community support fund built on the Cronos blockchain implementing smart contract technology.

The CROal Mines Smart Contract uses this technology to help participants reach financial independence.

When a participant deposits CRO into the system, that contribution supports the community. This activates the contract code which supports that contributor in turn.

This is a 100% decentralized and community-based project, meaning that there are no guarantees and no additional sources of funding within the project; it is supported by all members for the benefit of the financial advancement of the community as a whole.

In short, you support others, and others support you back.

The CROal Mines can be viewed as a decentralized third party which insures fairness, transparency, and financial benefit for all according to a carefully constructed algorithm.

It is the most reasonable, safest, and best cutting-edge financial SUPPORT model available currently.

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