Money Laundry Miner Review | Hire Thieves To Earn Up To 8% Fantom DAILY

Money Laundry Miner Review | Hire Thieves To Earn Up To 8% Fantom DAILY

Money Laundry Miner Review | Hire Thieves To Earn Up To 8% Fantom DAILY
In today’s video, I’ll be going over a brand new project that works similar like Baked Beans but for FTM (Fantom Network). Earn up to 8% daily ROI by hiring thieves(miners) with Money Laundry Miner.
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Money Laundry Overview
Best strategy:
The best strategy for maximizing your gains and the protocol longevity is to compound 6 times a week and take profits 1 time a week. This way you will recover your initial investment in 6/8 weeks and from there on you will be making pure profit for an unlimited time!
What happens if I launder too often?
Withdrawing too often makes your rewards go down to even less 1%. Make sure to follow the 6/1 strategy.
Low investing fee + Reinvesting in the project
Money Laundry has only got a 6% dev fee which will be reinvested in its whole into the project development and marketing to make the project grow. Therefore, team members will make their money from their own investments in the platform, which will force all of us to work hard to sustain and improve the project.
Money Laundry is deployed on FTM network, one of the most promising chains in the crypto space. Recently there has been a lot of FUD to this chain and FTM price has been affected. For this reason, we believe its a great moment to accumulate FTM as it has a great potential and we believe it will be a Top 10 coin in the upcoming months.
Self sustainability
Money Laundry´s Roadmap is really ambitious and we aim to create a whole ecosystem being the miner the center of it. Our project´s aim is to make Money Laundry miner self-sustainable and non dependandt of new users deposits.

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